"This is a movie that you'll enjoy for many years. Breathtaking scenes!" Love Canada Geese

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Love Canada Geese


My name is Abby Oliver and I, like many others have a story of my own about these little feathered friends of mine.

So here it goes...I live in the country and I have 3 large ponds. Every year these two geese (Stormy & April) come and make a nest and lay eggs and eventually the eggs hatch into beautiful little baby geese. They have been visiting our house ever since we moved here which was more than ten years ago. Even the people who lived here before us said that these geese came year after year, almost the whole time that they lived here.

Well one April day, there was a huge rain storm. It rained night and day and me and my family were very worried about the nest and the eggs that were in it. We would check on them every once in a while and every time that we went out to see, the rain had made the water around the nest rise higher and higher.

It was later in the day when the pond started to flood and we were for sure that the eggs were gone for good. My dad decided to check on them one last time. He looked and it must have been a miracle for right as he went out, he saw the nest sitting there floating on top of all the water. He picked it up and there were still plenty of eggs in it. We still have no idea how they didn't fall off, with all the water that is, but they didn't.

My dad took the nest inside and it wasn't long before we had the eggs in an incubator. It seemed like it took forever, and each
day we sat and checked to see if it had worked and if the eggs would hatch after the flood.

One day my mom looked and she called me and my brother and sister out to the porch. That was the day that we saw the little baby geese hatch. Three out of the four hatched (there was originally more but they must have fell out). The last  egg just didn't hatch. We left it in there, just in case, but nothing happened. Anyways, the other 3 hatched and it was so amazing. I can't remember how many
days it was from the hatching, but I knew that one of the three geese had unfortunately died. But the other two were still strong and healthy.

As they grew up we would take care of them, leaving them in the porch mainly, but every once in a while we would let them outside. After they had gotten bigger and couldn't get out of the big cage we had, we would let them go outside more often, and no longer did we have to feed them the powder-like substance that we had been giving them in their water. They had taken a liking to me and seemed to follow me around where ever I went. They would not follow anyone else, they probably liked me the most for I had the most time to spend with them, for I was very young, and was not yet in school.

They had also started to favor my dog. When they had developed feathers,and we let them roam around, and no longer had to keep them in a cage, we would often find both of them sleeping on or around our golden retriever, Buck. A lot of people found this weird for he was a dog and a dog's natural instinct is to hunt animals and birds, but he seemed to always want to be around them and actually attempt to protect them.

One evening we decided that they should try to test out their wings and attempt to fly. My mom got the idea that we should pretend that we had wings and run and flap our arms like total idiots. We were young so of course we agreed and sooner or later, we were in the front yard running around and being stupid in front of all the cars that passed.

On the first day the babies just sort of stared at us and didn't know exactly what we were doing. But a couple of tries later, we finally got them to understand. At first they just ran and flapped their wings but after a whole lot more tries they finally got the hang of it and they were flying right by our heads as we ran with them. This was my favorite part of having these geese and it was so amazing.
A once in a lifetime thing. The babies would fly all around town, but at the end of the day, stop back at our house to be cared for.

One day the babies just never came back and we knew it was their time to leave but I for one will never forget the once in a lifetime experience I had with these beautiful creatures.

For any further questions or information.please contact me at abby.jane@hotmail.com  Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed my story! I will hopefully have pictures later on, and I will post them on here asap! Until then I hope you have a great day!
Thank you, Abby, for sharing your story with us!