The most heartbreaking story about Canada Geese!


March 2006

I just happened to come across your website after having a wonderful encounter with two beautiful Canada geese.

I was delivering bread on my usual delivery route in downtown Providence when I noticed, like I always do, my seagull friends that I always feed the day old bread to. I know a little bit about seagulls and how mean and selfish they can be to each other but I love to watch them gliding in the  airstream. They are pretty graceful.

But one special morning, I noticed a couple of Canada geese and walked up to them. Unlike the seagulls that keep their distance, they walked up to me and let me feed them. I could have touched them but I didnt but I was so moved by their personality that I fell in love with them. They were so docile and innocent. I found the need to tell someone. 

I named my new friends BUNKY and GOOGY!

Bunky and Googy and friends!