By Cari Best

"A timeless story about a little girl's love and compassion for a one-legged goose."  Love Canada Geese

By Janine Goodwin

Last spring, Janine contacted us with her story about Cassidy. Unfortunately, we do not have any photos of Cassidy to share with you but here's Janine's story:

"I am a wildlife rehabilitator in Cleveland Ohio and I just took on a gosling last night whose mother was hit by a car and died on the scene. Cassidy was severely injured in the accident. 

The wonderful people who found him called the Emergency Animal Hospital and they directed them to me. 
Cassidy arrived last night with his right rear leg dangling off of him by just a tendon.  His leg was amputated and sutured last night and he is sporting a beautiful pink bandage.  His prognosis is good. 
Your web site saved his life. Upon his arrival, I thought about his quality of life and my philosophy of "There is a difference between being alive and living."  I typed in One legged Goose and stumbled upon Bandy and Juan.  At that point, his life was saved. 

Cassidy has taken up residence in a cat carrier with lots of goodies to munch on today and will move out doors as soon as his bandages come off.  He will most likely spend his life with Henry, my one winged goose who came to live with us 2 years ago. 

My kids say that Henry can fly in Circles and Cassidy can swim in circles.

It is truly amazing how children learn and live when they get the chance to interact with handicapped/abandoned animals.  I believe in my heart that every child should have that opportunity as mine have turned out to be wonderful caring individuals who see everyone and everything for their heart and not their handicap. 

I realized that my teachings worked when my daughter saw a kid on our street jump on a beetle.  She asked him why he killed it.  He said,"It is Ugly."  Then she asked him, "Would you kill a butterfly?"  He said "No."  She replied to him that "Just because something is not pretty does not mean that it is not allowed to live."  I stood back, watched and smiled.  I was so proud of her.  Everyone should have the heart of a 10 year old.
Thank you for your site and Cassidy thanks you for being instrumental in saving his life!"