Touching story about a girl's love for a one-legged Canada goose.

By Choo Choo Rosenbloom
     Fishing lures, hooks, lines and sinkers pose great danger to waterfowl. While swimming in lakes, rivers and ponds where fishing is permitted, carelessly strewn fishing lines get wrapped around the feet of waterfowl, tangling them up and causing infection and loss of limbs. Suffering from fishing line entanglements is horrific. Hooks become embedded in their bodies, causing infection and possible death, but definitely causing  a great deal of suffering. Lead sinkers cause lead poisoning, a slow suffering death. If you're at an area where fishing is permitted, please help the waterfowl and other animals by discarding properly all fishing lines, hooks, and sinkers that you see. You will be saving a lot of lives and a lot of suffering.

 WINNIPEG, MANITOBA: This goose has fishing line or some other string tied to both feet. The lines are digging into his right foot, preventing circulation. He hobbles about and is unable to stand for long. He also has great difficulty getting up from a lying position with his two feet tied together and the pain from the lines constricting his circulation. He could lose both feet. He is able to fly and we have been having tremendous difficulty trying to capture him. If you're able to help us capture this goose in Winnipeg, Manitoba, please contact us:

CANTON, GEORGIA: This goose was snared with a fishing line and lure. She broke free of the line but both the lure and line are embedded in her and is preventing her from using her left foot. She is unable to put her foot on the ground. If you're able to help Jim capture her in Canton, Georgia, please contact us:


SHERWOOD PARK, ALBERTA: The fishing line or string has been on this goose's leg for a while now and it is causing his leg to bubble in sores and bleed. His foot is starting to look like it could fall off. Day by day he keeps getting worse. If you can help Vicki, please contact us: