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May 2008 - April 2009

Mama and Papa Goose have just returned for their third year
 and we are anxiously awaiting the nesting process, the 
incubation period and the best part, watching the arrival of 
their babies.  We get to know them a little better each year.  

This year it only took one day for them to remember who we
were and come running to us when we approach, always with
 food, of course!!!  

Mama took a nesting break. They nest near the pond in the
 front of the house and then after the babies hatch, they
 walk them to the lake in the back of the house.  

They generally stay only one day after the babies' birth and
 then disappear.  We haven't figured our where they go when
 they leave our home.  I think they walk to the big
 Chattahoochie River about 1/2 mile (as the crow flies)
 across the back forrests.  


MAY 2008:  The goslings have hatched at the Lipman/ Green Estate! 
They arrived on Carol's mother's 75th birthday. This is the third generation for 
Mama and Papa Goose. Bob and I have really enjoyed watching them get to 
know us more and more each year. I do believe the couple in the lake behind 
them is one of the babies from last year. They seemed to recognize who Bob 
 and I were when we talked to them; however, they did not come to us like 
Mama and Papa. Well, maybe next year we'll have more babies on the 

APRIL 2009: It was wonderful to walk out our back door and see the flock of geese 
on the lake. I called "Mama and Papa Goose" and after a few callings, two geese 
came swimming up eager to be fed. I knew instantly that it had to be them because 
the rest of the flock just stayed where they were! It was a very exciting moment to
be recognized and greeted so warmly. Then the building of the nest began ...what an 
exciting project to watch her build. On March 27th, she laid 7 eggs, the most she has 
had so far. Hopefully, all will hatch and I can't wait to share the pictures!


Bob and Carol live in downtown Atlanta, Georgia