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"Sydney Plum tells the story of caring for an injured goose in this beautifully written book. We highly recommend it." Love Canada Geese

Naperville, Ilinois
Photographs generously provided by Jeff Cleasby

Customers watch Wilma's goslings hatch

March 31 2009: Fred and Wilma returned to nest at PM Bedroom Gallery.

PM Bedroom Gallery made news recently with the story of Fred and Wilma, a pair of Canada geese who decided to nest just outside the showroom. Fred was especially protective of Wilma and their nest, attacking anyone who came too close to her. Rather than applying for a permit to have the nest destroyed, the store owner and employees patiently put up with Fred and Wilma, blocking the North end of the parking lot with caution tape to warn unsuspecting customers about Fred and his nesting goose. Soon, news spread and more customers shopped at PM Gallery than usual! They brought their families to enjoy watching nature unfold right before their very eyes through the safety of the store windows! The owner also decided to start a NAME THE GOSLINGS CONTEST. More than 2,000 entries were received!

This story is best told on PM Bedroom Gallery's PAGE FOR FRED AND WILMA.

A gosling has broken out of the egg.

Fred and Wilma attract media and soon, newspaper articles and videoclips  appear online and in major newspapers:
  1. To Enter Store, Duck Geese
  2. Baby Geese Hatch at Naperville Store (VIDEO)
  3. Seven swans, er, geese a-swimming
  4. Store's goslings hatch, take to the water
  5. This video by Jonathan Miano is precious and will touch you!
           Safe under Mama's wings                     Goslings with Mama

                   Goslings are hours old                          Time to follow Mom and Dad to the pond!
         Goslings learn from a very early age that there's just no time for loafing about. And there are plenty of obstacles for the little toddlers to overcome. But there's no time for complainin' - it's time to march!

With the exception of the goslings who "acted" on Fly Away Home, Fred and Wilma's goslings must be the most photographed goslings in the USA!

Lori Jackson of Naperville won the "Name the Goslings" contest with these winning names: Mable Maple, Sherry Cherry, Wally Walnut, Huck Hickory, Bertha Birch, Allen Alder, and Annie Oak! Ms. Jackson won a Mirropane, valued at up to $1,000. The owner of the store liked the uniqueness of the names and how they tied to the different wood species offered for their furniture.

Love Canada Geese and friends of Canada geese thank Arvid, owner of PM Bedroom Gallery, and his employees for opening their hearts to Fred and Wilma and their goslings and for sharing the joys and excitement with us. Unfortunately, most of us could not be present to live through the day-by-day moments with you but through your photographs and stories, we were able to enjoy it vicariously. Many thanks to Jeff Cleasby for the adorable photographs and to Jonathan Miano for creating a videoclip that will be treasured for many years to come.

If any readers are in the market for furniture, we highly recommend PM Bedroom Gallery in Naperville, IL. While you're there, you can visit Fred and Wilma and their children at the pond.