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A touching story about a lady and her beloved goose!



Jennifer Gordon, Director of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, shares a sad story with us. This goose was hit by a car in January 2006. His hip was injured and the broken bone was blocking the bowels. He was not able to defecate or walk. He needed surgery but the outlook was not good so he was euthanized. Jen was upset to lose him and we were saddened to hear about it. Jennifer has shared her goose stories and photos with us. Please CLICK HERE FOR THE REUNION and WINTER WONDERLAND. 


By Choo Choo Love

We noticed this Canada goose July 29, 2005. The other geese and goslings charged at him and he ran about nervously, finally ending up in the pond. We don't remember seeing him at the park before but that may be because he is missing a tail and looks different. Our friend, a rehabber in New York, says that his tail was probably pulled out by a dog who was attempting to catch him. Many park visitors allow their dogs to run loose. We hope his quills grow back. It looks like some of his flight feathers were also pulled out. At this time, he is unable to fly. 

UPDATE: Good news! NO TAIL is growing back his tail. Take a look at his brand new tail feathers. In 7 days, quite a number of new tail feathers have sprouted out.

Soon NO TAIL will become NU TAIL!


By Choo Choo Love

Photo taken July 29, 2005

This is a heart-breaker. This little gosling, approximately 10 weeks old, appears to have a dislocation at the last joint of the wing. He could have flown into something and caught the wing tip on an immovable object. According to our rehabber friend, he will never fly. That will be a disaster in Winnipeg when our harsh winter sets in. We attempted to capture him to transport him to a rehabber but he was far too quick for us. He cried in distress and his daddy charged at us, sending us a clear message not to mess with his kid. We haven't attempted to capture him again. His is a sad fate and we're filled with sorrow every time we set eyes on him. 

UPDATE: Good News! This gosling may not have had a broken wing after all. We think the wing was just badly sprained. On August 4, wenoticed him mingling among the other goslings. Suddenly, he spread his wings! Then, he tucked his "broken wing" into his body. We haven't noticed him at the park since August 4.


By Choo Choo Love

We noticed this gosling stumbling about July 29, 2005. He is fully fledged and approximately 10 weeks old. His legs were shaky and he was suffering from diarrhea. He slumped to the ground after every couple of shaky steps, dragged himself up with his wings, and wobbled forward before slumping to the ground again. We attempted to capture him but he stumbled into the branches of a ponderosa pine and we decided to leave him alone. The chase would only weaken him. We offered him a scoop of cracked corn and you can see from the picture that he was hungry and pecked at it as if he hadn't eaten in weeks. The next day, he appeared stronger, though still wobbly. His appetite was good. Today (August 2, 2005) we noticed that he flapped his wings to help get him up from the water to the grass. He was less shaky on his feet and was able to nibble on grass. We think he is on his way to recovery.

UPDATE: Sad News. On August 3, this gosling was looking very poorly, struggling to   climb onto the rocks to get up to the shore when he saw the pile of cracked corn that we'd placed for him. In spite of his obvious weakness and sickness, he wanted to survive and he wanted to eat. He managed to peck weakly at the corn. His face was pale and he had difficulty keeping his head up. His tongue was pale. We haven't seen him since then. We think he went away to a quiet spot and died. We miss this little fellow. He was sweet and showed a great deal of spunk. He had a tremendous desire to live.

Photo taken August 3, 2005. Last time we saw this gosling.